Tyre Recycling Machine for Sale: Output Products and Features

You’ll be surprised to know that a tyre recycling machine for sale can recycle waste tyres into fuel oil. As well as helping you solve the issue of environment protection, the plant lets you transform waste into wealth. The tyre recycling machine for sale adopts the most modern technique to convert waste tyres into fuel. With maximum working efficiency, the plant lets you get rid of worn out tyres lying around your place.

Waste and worn out tyres are hard to break down in a short time-frame. As a result, a huge number of used tyres pile up, taking up a lot of space. The good news is it’s now possible to recycle used tyres in a beneficial method. As well as doing away with the waste, you get to generate substantial income with this sophisticated machine.

tyre recycling machine for sale

tyre recycling machine for sale

Final products obtained from tyre recycling machines

The tire recycling machine has the capability to generate fuel oil, steel wire, combustible gas, and carbon black from disposed off tyres. All these products have higher usage and commercial value.

Fuel oil

It could be used as a fuel for power plant, iron factory, restaurant, and cement factory. You may also reprocess the fuel into gasoline or diesel through distillation machines. By doing so, you stand a great chance of reaping huge profits.

Carbon black

With the use of a carbon black grinding machine, you can reprocess it into quality carbon of higher value. You can also make carbon bricks with the briquetting machine and earn more.

Steel wire

Steel wire has varied usage. Consequently, it carries a higher monetary value. You can directly sell it in the market and fetch big money.

Combustible gas

Combustible gas is supposed to be one of the priciest fuels. It could be used as a fuel for reheating the reactor.

Benefits of the tyre recycling equipment

The benefits that originate from this modern plant are varied and limitless. Let’s assess some of the important ones.

Quality production

The equipment is made with top-quality spare parts. As a result, the production quality is best. Whether it’s fuel, carbon or steel wire, you can be sure that the end products will be of higher value. Click here to know more: https://bestonpyrolysisplant.com/.

The plant adopts automatic welding (submerged arc) technology as well as non-destructive testing to ensure seamless production. Most importantly, the components of the machine have better resistance to higher temperature and corrosion, ensuring uninterrupted production cycles.


When it comes to machines, safety is imperative. You can’t overlook safety for production. However, the tyre recycling equipment comes with some of the best safety features. High temperature as well as sealed slagging system ensures that no dust flies in the production area. Also, the small design of the furnace door renders better stability and safety. Other safety devices that can avoid possible hazards include pressure gauges, emergency vent valves, thermometers, explosion protection devices, vacuum pumps, and water seals.

Waste Tire Recycling Process

Waste Tire Recycling Process

Higher output

The modern plant overcomes the drawbacks of non-continuous production and low yield associated with older plants. Compared to older models, the output capacity of the modern plant is pretty high. Also, the speed and efficiency of the plant are also higher. The raw materials could be processed faster, yielding more fuel oil in a shorter time-frame.


Any machine that’s used for heavy duty purposes is exposed to constant damages and wear and tear. As a businessman, you may end up expending plenty of money to keep the machine in good working condition. However, the tyre pyrolysis plant warrants very little maintenance. This, in turn, reduces your production cost, leading to better profitability.


Not to mention, the waste tyre recycling machine is environment friendly too. First of all, it allows you to do away with waste tyres lying around. As well as freeing up space, the usage of tyres avoids accumulation of still water that could be a safe haven for mold growth and other diseases. Also, the machine doesn’t smoke out any harmful elements into the environment during the production process.

Closing thoughts

A tyre recycling machine for sale is a wonderful set of equipment for using waste tyres to generate products of higher value. Higher profits, low maintenance, stability and safety, environmental friendliness, and higher output are the best features of this recycling machine. Owing to these benefits, many businesses choose to buy this plant.